Long-awaited rains in late 2016-17 have created a unique (possibly once in a lifetime) opportunity to create the best fishery in your lake or pond.

Losing precious fish to drought is tragic, but the silver lining is the blank canvas that is your now full and shimmering pond.

With our fish, you gain 30+ years of experience in fishery biology and fishery management. Our fisheries biologist can also visit your site to insure you create the fishery of your dreams.

All fish can be picked up or shipped to your facility almost year-round. Please order at least a week in advance of desired pickup date.

Currently Available (updated November 2017)

Number Channel Catfish 1/2"

Bluegill sunfish 1-2"

Common Carp 2-4"

Channel Catfish - Catchable 1-4 lb ea Channel Catfish - Trophy 5-15 lb ea  Black Crappie 1-3"

Mosquitofish 1-2" Largemouth Bass 2" Bullfrog Tadpoles 2-3" Silver Carp 1-2"
Per each

$75/100 - June $500/1000

$2.00 ea

1-2" $2.50 ea (May)

1 lb and up $4 per lb

$5 per lb $5 per lb  $2.00 June Min order 100 April $2.50 expected July $1.50 $2.50 May
Per 100


$175/100 $225/100 $5 per lb $5 per lb Volume discount available $275/100

$50 per 100

$400 per 1000

$225 per 100 $125 per 100 $225 per 100

All Fish are ordered by email.

Contact us for special/bulk orders and pick up appointments.

Possible Availability in 2018.

Number Koi 1" Sacramento Perch 1-2" Sacramento Blackfish 1-2" Threadfin Shad 2-5"" Albino Catfish 1" Green Sunfish 1-2"
Per each $1.25 ea 1" $3.50 Please inquire $3.50 Please inquire   $2.50 ea. $2 Available now 2018
Per 100 $100 per 100 $300 per 100 $300 per 100 $350 per 100 $200 per 100 $180 per 100


Contact us to order!

Prices FOB. Pickups are Fridays, 10-3, or by appointment. Please order at least a week in advance.

Minimum order: Pickup - None.

Minimum order: Shipped -$100

Overnight Freight: Within most of California, 100-200 1" fish per box, ~$50 per box overnight freight charge (within 200 miles of 93657). Other areas please inquire.

Truck Delivery - $200 per first 100 miles. on orders over $1000.

Fish for Aquaponics

Contact us for special/bulk orders and appointments.

Image Description

Common carp
Cyprinus carpio (scaled, line scale)

A robust fish whose grazing activity can control aquatic weeds. One of the world's most popular fish for food and sport.

Silver (Prussian) Carp
Carassius gibelio

Related to (and often cross bred with) the Common carp, the Silver carp (Prussian Carp) is notable for having up to 95% females in a population. It is widely considered to be superior table fare.

Albino channel catfish

Depending on favorable breeding, we will have good quantities of albinos for aquarium and ornamental pond use.

Channel catfish
Ictalurus punctatus (natural, albino)

A popular game fish, this catfish likes both moving and still water and it has a very mild flavor that is conducive to gourmet cooking.

Gambusia affinis

Being able to thrive in the most inhospitable environments, the mosquitofish is essential for vector control. Because it bears live young, it can provide forage for your game fish all year.

Largemouth bass
Micropterus salmoides

One of the most agressive fish, its sporting value is only surpassed by its delicate taste when steamed or fried.

Lepomis macrochirus

Making up for a lack in size, the bluegill is the rabbit of the fish world, and will provide hours of enjoyment in your farm pond.

Black Crappie
Pomoxis nigromaculatus

The crappie will reward the patient angler with its beauty and unrivaled taste.

Green sunfish
Lepomis cyanellus

Small but voracious, the Green sunfish will often breed with Bluegill to form a fast-growing (and sterile) super hybrid.

Brown bullhead
Ictalurus nebulosus

Always eager to bite, the brown bullhead is perfect for pond owners wanting something smaller than the Channel catfish.

Cyprinus carpio

Selectively bred throughout the generations, the beautiful koi complements the garden pond and will learn to eat from your hand!

Threadfin Shad
Dorosoma petenense

This prolific breeder will provide high quality forage for your game fish, and will control planktonic algae year round. That game fish love these is proven by the countless shad imitations in your tackle box!

Golden shiner
Notemigonus crysoleucas

A favorite of fishermen, this hardy minnow will keep your fish fed and your rod dancing.

Sacramento Blackfish
Orthodon microlepidotus

This unique California native feeds on plankton and grows to 18 inches, these qualities giving it high omega-3 acids and making it one of the best tasting fish in the world.

Sacramento Perch
Archoplites interruptus

The only California native sunfish thrives in alkaline waters and grows to 3 1/2 lb. Some favor its palatibility above the crappie.

Fish for Aquaponics